BAB Accelerate Dinner Featuring Micah Kotch, Managing Director, Urban-X

Join BritishAmerican Business (BAB) on Thursday January 30th for our first 2020 BAB Accelerate dinner featuring guest speaker Micah Kotch, Managing Director of UrbanX. 

Micah will speak about the art of customer discovery, including how successful founders and large companies use the process of customer discovery to entice customers/investors and gain market share.

About URBAN-X:
URBAN-X is the accelerator for startups reimagining city life brought to you by MINI and Urban Us. Every six months we invest $150,000 in each of up to 10 companies. We help these startups with the unique challenges of working with cities in sectors like transportation, real estate, local government, local services and utilities.

About BAB Accelerate: BAB Accelerate is BAB’s program series for growth businesses and startups. Each dinner features a prominent guest speaker that dispenses practical and inspirational advice to the growing companies in attendance.

Our Speaker: 


  • Micah Kotch, Managing Director , URBAN-X by MINI and Urban US / New York, NY

To read more about Micah Kotch, click here.

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Open to BritishAmerican Business (BAB) members & their guests.

For more information, contact Program ManagerNikolina Cubric212.663.2925

Event Details


Thursday 30 January


6:00pm – 8:00pm


Brasserie 8 ½ | 9 west 57th street, Solow Building, New York

Event Fee

$165 *All tickets are nonrefundable*

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