BAB Accelerate Roundtable with Change Please

The transatlantic trading relationship is the most successful on earth and every day, goods and services worth millions of pounds are exported and imported across the Atlantic. Thousands of British and US firms have already invested in or are finding their way towards successful transatlantic growth and throughout this series of events growing companies will have an opportunity to learn first-hand from the experiences of their peers.

This discussion session will open up the floor to companies interested in growing transatlantic trade. From previous events, we know that listening to peers is a great way to learn, and together with the opportunity to pick up expert knowledge and guidance, is a winning combination to accelerate growth.

The roundtable group will consider a leading case study from Change Please Founder, Cemal Ezel, about the realities (and pitfalls) of expanding and transforming business across the Atlantic – logistics, staffing, legislation, financial etc. – the conversation provides many answers.

Moderator Alex Chisnall has a successful track record of  advising entrepreneurs and small business owners on funding and scaling their businesses. He  began his career working for Virgin Atlantic Airways and was inspired by boss Sir Richard Branson to start his own business. After launching two successful startups, he  rejoined the Virgin family by mentoring for both Virgin StartUp as well as YMCA.

Alex also hosts the show “Screw it, Just do it”, a weekly podcast where he interviews one of the world’s influencers and leaders in business as well as an entrepreneur who is aspiring to be a leader in their space.

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Monday 14th October 2019


4:00pm – 7:00pm



1 New Street Square



This event is by invitation only but if you would like to express interest in attending, please send an email to .

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