BAB Accelerate Series: Adapting to The Pandemic, SME Business Expansion Plans to the USA


For founders of start-ups and SME companies who are growing – or planning to grow – their transatlantic trade, our Accelerate Roundtables create a unique peer-led conversation around relevant case study remarks with the help of Alex Chisnell, Paul McIntosh, Bridgehead and Mark Rogers, Vice President, Global Sales, XPLORA Technologies.

At this roundtable we will hear about the real-time challenges currently facing XPLORA who are still planning on expanding into the US market and how they have adapted the business plan due to COVID-19. XPLORA was founded with a clear objective and vision: to connect families while allowing kids to explore and play uninterrupted. After several years of research and development, the first XPLORA smart device product was launched in 2016. The XPLORA company now has offices in the UK, Germany, Spain, Norway and Sweden and continues to expand across Europe. In 2020 XPLORA also opened operations in North America and has high expectations for this huge market. Today XPLORA’s Core product is trusted by more than 400,000 users worldwide and is one of the most acclaimed and trusted brands in its category

This Roundtable Discussion is for founders and CEOs of SME companies who are accelerating or planning to accelerate transatlantic trade through acquisition.

Meet the Panel

Alex Chisnall, Business Advisor, Virgin Startup

Alex helps ambitious brands and driven entrepreneurs tell their stories via the power of podcasting.He founded his podcast agency, Podpreneur, after the success of his own podcast changed his life.

From initially launching his own show and receiving just two downloads – clearly his wife & his mother – to getting a #1 rated business show all over the globe, from the UK to Uganda, his podcast – Screwitjustdoit – is now downloaded in 140+ countries.

Alex spent a number of years in the entrepreneurship space, working with Sir Richard Branson’s not-for-profit Virgin StartUp, helping entrepreneurs get funding & mentoring.

He still has a vested interest in this space as an advisor for global startup-generator and VC,, and also chairs the Accelerate Event Series for British American Business. Alex passionately believes that everybody deserves to be heard & that podcasting provides a great platform to do just that.

He’s on a mission to help ambitious brands & driven entrepreneurs who want to educate their existing customers about their products and services, and attract more like-minded listeners to become paying customers.

Alex and his team have helped create and launch numerous podcasts into Apple’s iTunes Top 20 chart from corporate brands through to regional startups.

He has a long-standing history with audio, having started his career at BBC Radio in the 1990’s before deciding to travel the world working for Virgin Atlantic Airlines.

He feels like he’s now come full-circle as podcasting has recently exploded in popularity.


Mark Rogers, Vice President, Global Sales, XPLORA Technologies.

With over 20 years experience in the Consumer Electronics and Telco Retail market place, Mark is a proven Sales Management professional and an integral part of the Senior Management Team at XPLORA.

A Team leader, who subscribes to the principle of leadership by example. Mark has a proven track record in building loyal and high performing teams selling across multiple channels around the world.


Paul McIntosh, Founder & CEO at Bridgehead International Agency

Paul is an International Go-to-Market expert, strategist, mentor, sales leader and advisor.

He has over twenty-five years world-class experience in business development and sales leadership at the highest level in both blue chip Companies such as Cisco, BBC and Lego plus start up and scale up businesses spanning both B2B and B2C tech sectors.

Over the past ten years Paul has helped drive over 65 new brands, products and services to market very successfully with the Bridgehead team achieving over £100m plus in revenues for them. A mentor and advisor to start-ups and scale-ups and in 2018 Paul was made a Patron of The Caring Cancer Trust charity.


Monday 1st June


4:00pm – 5:00pm BST


Zoom Webinar