BAB Accelerate Dinner Series

Presenting a ‘club within a club’ for small businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurial ventures, BAB Accelerate is a unique business networking group for growing companies, start-ups and entrepreneurs looking to grow and/or establish themselves in and around NYC and also across the pond.

Networking and best-practice sharing will be facilitated via regular dinners (6x – 8x per year) each featuring a guest speaker. Topics covered will be practical, inspirational, and interesting. Content will be aimed at smaller companies that either have set up their overseas operation (UK companies in NY and vice versa), are thinking about setting up overseas, or who have an interest in the transatlantic business environment. The aim of the dinner series is to create a comfortable, collaborative, and casual networking environment where smaller companies can learn how to more easily thrive in the crowded NYC business community and beyond.

For more information, contact Senior Manager, Member Relations, Jon Adler, at 212.983.3729

Event Details:

Date October 2 2018

Time 6:00 – 8:00 PM

Location The Wayfarer | 101 W 57th Street


Who this event is for: 

Small Business