BAB Accelerate series – Transatlantic Growth through Acquisition with HSBC


The transatlantic trading relationship is the most successful on earth and every day, goods and services worth millions of pounds are exported and imported across the Atlantic. Thousands of British and US firms have already invested in or are finding their way towards successful transatlantic growth and throughout this series of Accelerate events growing companies will have an opportunity to learn first-hand from the experiences of their peers.

Accelerate Roundtable discussion sessions open up the floor to companies interested in growing transatlantic trade. From previous events, BAB knows that listening to peers is a great way to learn, and together with the opportunity to pick up expert knowledge and guidance, is a winning combination to accelerate growth.

Accelerate With HSBC

Although political and economic uncertainty continue to impact M&A activity along the UK-US corridor, the US remains the most popular destination for outbound investment by UK companies (34%) and the UK remains the 2nd most targeted country for cross border M&A in the world.

Start 2020 by joining HSBC & BAB to discuss the advantages and pitfalls of attempting to accelerate global growth via acquisition as we continue to navigate issues around Brexit, global trade disputes and geopolitical tensions and find a path for success in 2020.

This Roundtable Discussion is for founders and CEOs of SME companies who are accelerating or planning to accelerate transatlantic trade through acquisition.

Event Details


Monday 27 January


4:00pm – 7:00pm


8 Canada Square
Canary Wharf, in Olayan3 (level 6)
E14 5HQ

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