Digital Tax Executive Roundtable

BAB in partnership with EY are putting on a senior level roundtable discussion focussing on the future of digital taxation. The event will bring together the relevant representatives from the public and private sector to examine proposals for digital taxation and map a way forward which avoids break out unilateral action and international fragmentation.

The roundtable will examine the current state of play on digital taxation, focussing on single country and multi-lateral initiatives to establish an effective system of taxation on digital and IP heavy sectors.

We will then hold a moderated discussion incorporating the perspectives of public and private sector organisations on what can be done to expedite progress on an international framework for digital taxation.

Event Details:


Wednesday 12 June 2019


8:00am – 10:30am



Exchange House,

Primrose Street,

London, EC2A 2EG


Closest Tube Station Canary Wharf

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