Economic Outlook 2020: Market Optimism During Turbulent Times

According to a Fortune Poll, while investors see a 2020 recession coming, they still think there’s money to be made. In fact, while 58% of investors think a recession is likely in 2020, 76% think the stock market will rise.

The interesting dynamic of a forecasted upward market and downward economy is not surprising given a year of trade policy challenges & protectionist measures, including escalating trade tensions between the United States & China, the UK’s exit from the European Union looming large and pending regulatory changes for US corporates.

BAB is fortunate to have a diverse group of global economic experts join us for a breakfast session discussing the impact of these trends, and the ripple effects on US and UK businesses as we head into 2020.


Our Speakers:

  • Jason M. Waite, Partner, Alston & Bird

To read more about Jason Waite, click here.


  • Michelle Girard, Managing Director, Co-Head Global Economics, Chief US Economist, NatWest Markets (NWM)

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  • Joydeep Mukherji, Managing Director, Sovereign Ratings Group, S&P Global

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  • Ryan Wang, US Economist, HSBC

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For more information, contact Senior ManagerPolicy & ProgramsHolly Luu at 212.661.4062

Event Details


Wednesday 29 January


8:30 – 10:00am


Alston & Bird, 90 Park Avenue, NY 10016

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