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Cracked It

Cracked It is an award-winning social enterprise smartphone repair service staffed by young ex-offenders and youth at risk. Our mission is to support young people and steer them away from crime towards employment and more positive futures.

We use smartphone repair to create opportunities for at-risk youth to break down barriers to employment – to realise that income, belonging and self-worth can be gained through legitimate work. Our phone repair employability programmes give young people the tech skills to repair phones and the support to transition into employment.

29 percent of people have a smashed smartphone screen and three out of four don’t get it fixed for six months or at all, because the options are too inconvenient. Our services overcome these inconveniences by going directly to customers’ workplaces, not wiping any of the phone’s data and repairing the screen in under 90 minutes. We host regular pop-up repair clinics at large workplaces such as the US Embassy, Deloitte and UBS.

Since starting, we’ve worked with over a total of 120 people – 6 months after completion two thirds of programme participants are in some form of education, training or employment and 80% of those who offended in the past have not gone on to reoffend.

We are proud to have been named Social Enterprise of the Year in both 2018 and 2019 by The Centre for Social Justice.

If you know a workplace that would benefit from our repair clinics, please get in touch – we’d love to chat!

Contact: Hanisah Othman

Email: hanisah@crackedit.org

Website: www.crackedit.org

Video: Watch our work here: