Empowering Inclusive Communities

The Patchwork Foundation

The Patchwork Foundation promotes, encourages and supports the active participation of young people from disadvantaged and minority communities in British democracy.

The Foundation delivers its mission through four key outputs:

  1. Impactful skills development and education programmes

Our flagship programme is our Masterclass programme, which offers a cadre of selected candidates a ten-month syllabus that develops their personal and professional skills, increases their political skills and provides a unique opportunity to learn from and interact with leading practitioners from British politics and public life.

  1. Rare and insightful opportunities to experience democracy and civil society

Our #GetInvolved programme gives young people the chance to take part in the campaigns that are shaping the future of the country, by providing both the opportunities and the skills training to do so from the grassroots to pinnacle of British politics. The programme enables participants not only to understand grassroots politics it also provides a safe environment for individuals to explore their own political views and future plans.  A selected group are also taken to Party Conferences to develop a better understanding of the working of political parties.

  1. Inspirational engagement events and campaigns.

We organise powerful events with leading speakers from the world of politics and civil society that have been attended by more than 30,000 young people since 2011. Patchwork events provide opportunities for communities, traditionally those who hold little access to decision makers, to convey their key ideas and concerns, and enable them to engage with politicians publicly in discussing these ideas. Through open dialogue and conversation, we help promote positive messages of working together for the benefit of the whole of society.

  1. Powerful recognition programmes and events

Our Annual MP of the Year Awards celebrate the work of MPs from across the country who actively work with underrepresented and disadvantaged communities across the UK. The awards provide a motivation for MPs to work with diverse communities and highlights best practice.

The Patchwork Foundation believes in promoting and highlighting best practice. Each year MPs across the country work closely with diverse communities, with many MPs delivering excellent representation and coverage to otherwise underrepresented segments of society. The Patchwork Foundation rewards those winning MPs – nominated by members of the public or grassroots community organisations and selected by an independent panel of judges – by acknowledging them as the MPs of the Year.

The Foundation has enjoyed a healthy relationship with the US Embassy, and for the last three years has been running a Patchwork specific iteration of the prestigious International Visitors Leadership Program. Patchwork Alumni are selected for this unique opportunity with further supports their professional develop, and enhances their understanding of diplomacy and civic engagement. The Embassy has also kindly supported with organising special Masterclasses and Networking opportunities, including with the Deputy Chief of Mission Yael Lempert.

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