Empowering Internal Innovation: Supporting your team to enhance your digital offering

As part of BAB’s new online offering we want to provide opportunities that will allow you and your colleagues to expand and develop skillsets that will serve your company. To that end, I hope you will join us for a virtual roundtable with Amit Patel, Creative Director at design and innovation training provider, Experience Haus. This session will focus on empowering internal innovation within an existing team and how that can support evolving digital offerings.

The BAB community is rising to the challenge of an unprecedented business environment where it is more important than ever to cultivate creativity, spot growth opportunities, and create digital products that continue serving clients. In this roundtable Amit will share his philosophy and approach to the training tools that can help decision-makers and product managers identify the resources they need to deliver successful campaigns. You will also be invited to ask questions regarding your company needs and translating them to practical steps.


Monday 11 May


1:00 PM – 2:00 PM (BST)


Zoom Virtual Roundtable