In 2018 the UK Government set out four Grand Challenges as part of its Industrial Strategy to cement Britain’s position at the forefront of the industries of the future: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data, the Aging Society, Clean Growth, and the Future of Mobility.

Many British companies have joined the UK’s mission to be a torchbearer for global change, improving people’s lives, boosting productivity, and delivering world-leading products and innovative technologies. They share a commitment to innovation and growth, but in addition, these companies see the transatlantic economic relationship as a crucial element in their ambition to push the envelope of what is possible.

Alongside a cross-range of companies who have turned their transatlantic ambitions into success, this publication showcases the ground-breaking technologies, companies and people leading global change to tackle the four Grand Challenges, whether it be products that allow older generations to live independently with care and dignity, or applying Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to the world of cyber-security, ensuring people’s data is protected before it is threatened.

These stories are but a snapshot of the many British companies that help make the UK-US trade and investment relationship one of the most successful economic relationships in the world. Their transatlantic success is not just growing the UK, it is Growing US.