Meet the Speaker:

Hector Rocha

US West Energy Transition Leader

Hector is the Energy Transition Lead Partner for the US focused on helping the public and private sectors journey through the disruption.

Hector is a seasoned EY partner with a successful track record.  He has been a partner and deputy leader for energy market segment in LATAM North (LAN) for the past 5 years, engaging with clients across sectors, pulling the best of EY to solve their challenges or bringing digital innovative solutions to address industry-wide issues.

Hector has been a leader pushing the digital agenda in the region on specific solutions leveraging emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence Models and Blockchain.

In addition to his sector focus on O&G P&U, M&M and Chemicals, he has developed thought leadership on global warming and its correlation with the sectors under his scope. He was featured in Forbes Mexico Magazine in June 2018, where Hector addressed clients from multiple industries on the climate challenge.

Since then, Hector has been invited to address multiple audiences in Mexico, Colombia and Peru to explain the linkage across all those industries + climate. Hector was invited to present jointly with WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) in 2019 on the same topic. His last public appearance – right at the start of the pandemic – was in Toronto during the largest mining conference in March 2020, where he addressed the Mining community on the key role of the industry to the renewables growth but the challenge to control their emissions.

During the pandemic year, Hector was featured in the MITSloan magazine where he wrote about challenges on climate change in the middle of a global crisis.

Hector has real operational experience to truly understand industry’s and specific client issues.

Prior to EY he worked in O&G rigs around the world, giving him first-hand experience in operations. He has had great exposure to working with people from wide diverse backgrounds, cultures and beliefs.

He is one of the few professionals in EY with such deep operational and diverse global background which has served him well to quickly understand other industries that fall within his responsibilities in LAN and identify business opportunities and challenges for his clients, defining pragmatic solutions.

Additionally, Hector has management consulting experience from top strategy houses.  Hector made a career switch to Management Consulting after his operational experience and after completing his MBA from the University of Chicago. He worked for Bain & Co, Schlumberger Business Consulting and Accenture before joining EY in 2016.

The combination of his operational experience and consulting (strategy) experience has proven to be very powerful, allowing him to step away from pure consulting frameworks and focusing on real value generation for his clients.