How the UK and US Economies can Survive The Year of Coronavirus Covid-19

Observations and predictions on the business and economic impact from Coronavirus Covid-19 and how to restart the transatlantic economy.

It is known that the COVID19 crisis is unprecedented. A major rupture, arrived at speed, with an enormous impact on every aspect of life and business. What is not known at this point is what the overall impact will be long-term. Will the impact on trade and business surpass the 2008 crisis? Will we see a quick recovery? What makes this economic crisis different from others? Join us as we gather a group of leading economists and global research leads dissecting these important questions for us. We will look at lessons from the past, assess political and economic dimensions in the UK and the US and seek to offer an economic outlook that will help us plan for the future.


James Athey, Senior Investment Manager, Aberdeen Standard Investments

James Athey is a Senior Investment Manager on the Global Macro Team at Aberdeen Standard Investments. James joined Aberdeen Asset Management in 2001 on the Graduate Recruitment Programme. James graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Business Economics and Finance and an MSc in IT from Loughborough University.


James McCann, Senior Global Economist at Aberdeen Standard Investments

James McCann is a Senior Global Economist at Aberdeen Standard Investments James is responsible for US conjunctural analysis, coordinating the global house view economic forecast and leading the Aberdeen Standard Investments Research Institute’s work in the field of money, banking and credit. James joined Aberdeen Standard Investments in 2014 from the Royal Bank of Scotland where he worked as an Economist. Previously, James worked for a London based financial consultancy.

James graduated with a BSc in Economics and Politics from The London School of Economics and an Msc in Economics from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.


Liam Bailey, Global Head of Research, Knight Frank

Liam is global head of Knight Frank’s research team. Based in London, Liam travels extensively to present on current property market trends around the world. He also leads Knight Frank’s flagship publication, The Wealth Report – which tracks private wealth investment into property, reflecting $1 trillion of wealth. Over the past decade, Liam has grown and deepened the market insight offered by Knight Frank’s research team and now runs a global team of over 100 people covering: residential and commercial property; geospatial insight; data and analytics and customer intelligence.


Michael Gapen, Managing Director, Head of US Economics Research, Barclays

Based in New York, Mr. Gapen is responsible for the firm’s outlook for the US economy and, in particular, US monetary policy and the impact of financial markets on the economy. Prior to taking on this role, Mr. Gapen was a Senior US Economist and, following his appointment as Asset Allocation Strategist in January 2012, Mr. Gapen took on additional responsibility for forming the firm’s asset allocation views and marketing them to clients. Mr. Gapen joined Barclays in 2010 from the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve, where he was a Section Chief responsible for monetary and financial market analysis. In that capacity, he assisted the Board and the FOMC in the formulation of monetary policy and the Federal Reserve’s response to the financial crisis. Prior to that, he served as an Economist with the International Monetary Fund. Mr. Gapen has also taught Finance and Economics at institutions including Kelly School of Business and Department of Economics at Indiana University, Mendoza College of Business at the University of Notre Dame, and the Department of Economics at Johns Hopkins University. Mr. Gapen holds a Ph.D. in Economics from the Department of Economics at Indiana University.


Lizzy Burden, Economics Reporter, The Telegraph

Lizzy Burden is an economics reporter at The Telegraph, with a focus on international trade. Based in London, she covers daily developments in the post-Brexit ‘Global Britain’ project of negotiating trade deals around the world, as well as trade wars between the world’s biggest economies. She joined The Telegraph from The Times in December, after stints at Reuters, Bloomberg and the BBC. Lizzy read History at the University of Cambridge.

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