Exclusive Roundtable: “A New Infrastructure Agenda for 2021 and Beyond”

This roundtable discussion will bring together industry leaders to explore how the Biden administration will leverage infrastructure development as an economic driver in the US, while drawing lessons and insights from the UK’s infrastructure strategy as a case study. The discussion may cover:

  • The critical areas of focus and challenges in developing a comprehensive long-term national infrastructure strategy
  • How to finance these projects, including unlocking private sector investments
  • Leveraging infrastructure in the move towards green growth, and to improve social welfare
  • How the disruptive force of the global pandemic, and the increased focus on sustainability has accelerated/ hindered the pre-existing trends and disruptions in this area at scale
This roundtable is Part 1 of program series focused on infrastructure development as a driver of economic prosperity, with a specific focus on the US and the UK. Sponsored by Turner & Townsend, the series will consist of three parts, and will feature private sector industry leaders, US & UK government, and other thought leaders and public sector stakeholders from our network to advance the international discussion around this theme.
For more information on this series, please email Holly Luu, Senior Manager, Policy & Programs at hluu@babinc.org.

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Tuesday June 29


11:00 am – 12:00 pm EDT / 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm BST