Meet the Speaker:

Kimberly Henderson

Partner, McKinsey & Company

Kimberly is a partner in McKinsey’s Washington DC office, which she joined after spending several years in our Chicago, London, and São Paulo offices. She serves investors, non-profits, energy and industrial players, and policy makers with her expertise in sustainability and climate-related challenges. She focuses on supporting organizations as they navigate the transition to a zero-carbon economy.

Examples of Kimberly’s recent client projects include the following:

  • creating a roadmap to scale up low-carbon hydrogen in the United States
  • developing future energy-demand scenarios and a decarbonization plan for an oil and gas company
  • supporting a major fashion brand to organize its sustainability function

Kimberly has also supported several investor and cross-sector coalitions that promote energy-system change and address sustainability-related challenges. She is a regular contributor to McKinsey’s knowledge development and has written several articles on topics such as how the global economy could achieve a 1.5 degree pathway, lowering carbon emissions for industries and countries, and low-carbon technologies. She also leads our social responsibility efforts related to climate action. Kimberly speaks French, Portuguese, and Spanish.