Leadership Forum: Session 5 | Resilience: It’s Not Just Bouncing Back

An interactive leadership Workshop with YSC: Resilience isn’t just about sheer persistence, coping, or withholding emotion.  It’s not fixed, and it’s not merely reactionary.  True resilience is about blending preparedness, responsiveness, and the ability to learn and grow in shifting contexts.  It helps us to deal with the ever-changing organizational landscape in times of difficulty, change, or ambiguity.  Resilience is dynamic, malleable, and developable by anyone who knows the right behaviors, thinking patterns, or actions to increase or build it.  It can be cultivated in times of low stress, rather than only in the face of challenge.  And resilient leadership is not only about what we do for ourselves, but how we create strong, sustainable cultures around us.  Learn the basics of resilient leadership through an interactive session that teases out its critical behavioral components. Complete an online exercise in advance of this session and receive a personalized resilience profiler for use in the session and beyond.


For more information, contact Program Manager, Jamie Diamond, at 212.983.3729

Event Details:

Date May 23 2018

Time 4:30 – 7:30 PM

By Invitation Only

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Who this event is for?

Rising C-Suite
Young Professionals
Senior Level Executives