Putting People First: Session 2 - "Leading in Times of Crisis"

Leading in a time of crisis can be a real test of anyone’s strongest leadership skills and practices. The best-laid plans must be reconsidered, teams are distracted, markets are volatile and clients’ once predictable behaviors seem to obey entirely new rules–or no rules at all. In other words, the way you have been leading your organization so far just won’t cut it today.

BAB brings together a panel of leadership experts to give practical guidance on how to walk this tightrope balance: to lead effectively in this complicated & constantly evolving crisis.


Discussion points will cover: ways to shift from crisis to response; maintaining momentum and shaping the new normal; and ensuring that no one loses track of the bigger picture in an abundance of information & misinformation.

Event Details


Thursday 21 May


11:00am – 12:00pm EDT
4:00pm – 5:00pm BST

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