Infrastructure Series: “Creating Long-Term Social Value Through Infrastructure Development”

In partnership with Turner & Townsend, BritishAmerican Business is delighted to invite you to the third session in our Infrastructure Roundtable Series – a program line focused on infrastructure development as a driver of economic prosperity in the US and the UK.


This session will focus on creating long-term social value through infrastructure development, and how progressive approaches to procurement can help deliver social equity & value. The discussion will cover:

  • How major infrastructure schemes can stimulate economies through direct and indirect job creation. Explore ways that infrastructure development plans can act as an inclusion instrument.
  • What are the practical ways that the US Infrastructure Bill can be leveraged as a stimulus to create new industry models? How do we adapt industry approaches to “level up” and increase social equity?
  • How can the supply side be encouraged to invest along these parameters? And how would the buy side need to facilitate to make this agenda a reality?


This roundtable is Part 3 of program series focused on infrastructure development as a driver of economic prosperity, with a specific focus on the US and the UK. Sponsored by Turner & Townsend, the series will consist of three parts, and will feature private sector industry leaders, US & UK government, and other thought leaders and public sector stakeholders from our network to advance the international discussion around this theme.

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Thursday March 3


11:00 am – 12:30 pm EST / 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm GMT