Marketing and Communications Forum: The Evolving Role of Creativity in the Age of In-Housing

Traditionally there has been a supposed delineation between between media & communication agencies and in-house teams, especially in terms of creativity. However in an age of increasing capabilities of in-house teams, this line is growing blurry and there is an evolving definition of creativity. Both in-house and agencies need to evolve and confront the challenge of providing value in a competitive market.

Join BAB for a panel discussion among peers with marketing experts from The&Partnership, The Wall Street Journal and others to discuss:

  • How has the role & definition of ‘creativity’ evolved in digital marketing?
  • Client or competitor? Innovative partnership models in a new competitive reality. What ways can agencies & in-house teams work together to create a blended model to stay competitive in the next decade?
  • What are the services traditionally in the agencies’ wheelhouse that are better moved in-house?

Featuring insights from:

  • Andrew Bailey, CEO, North America, The&Partnership







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  • Suzi Watford, EVP & CMO, Wall Street Journal







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  • Belinda Smith, Global Head of Marketing Intelligence, EA







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  • Charles Gibb, CEO, North America, Fever-Tree USA






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Event Details


Wednesday 15 January


5:30pm – 7:30pm


72 Spring St
New York
NY 10012

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