Policy Agenda


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Policy Manifesto | Providing a Transatlantic Voice for Britain

1. Transatlantic Trade and Investment

Maximize the strength of the transatlantic economy and deliver on its potential as a driver for global business

2. Financial Services

Be at the forefront of promoting simplified, aligned and coordinated regulatory systems in financial services

3. European Single Market

Help to further drive the completion of the European Single Market

4. Tax

Secure the UK’s reputation for providing a stable and competitive tax environment through the creation of a new Business Tax Roadmap

5. Infrastructure

Act decisively to implement the recommendations of the Airports Commission’s Final Report to deliver additional airport capacity in the UK

6. Global Talent

Promote immigration reforms that will encourage investment and allow the UK to take advantage of a globalised world economy

7. Data

Support measures that help build trust in society about data use while emphasising the data opportunity for our economies

8. Intellectual Property

Reiterate the importance of high IP standards and encourage the proper legal protection and enforcement of valid IPR in third countries and in multilateral forums