Policy Roundtable: Open for Business, Open for People? Making a Positive Case for Mobility of Talent

Throughout history, the mobility of talent has been closely tied to the economic success an innovation of both the UK and US. The ability to draw on a pool of talented workers, regardless of nationality, has been essential for economic growth and competitive advantage in a globalized economy. Talent mobility also remains central to the success of international businesses, where the ability to source & place talented people in an organization can be the difference between growth and innovation or stagnation. While the UK and the US have historically been open to bringing in talent from other countries, over the past few years both countries have signaled a change in direction…

One of the biggest challenges in modern times is how to craft a policy solution that balances public concern over immigration with the economic reality that the ability of workers to move across borders plays a significant part in the success of their economies.

As the UK and the US examine their future relationship, BAB will bring together business, government and industry association leaders for an exclusive roundtable discussion on the present state of UK-US talent mobility, and to explore common sense proposals to ease the process for businesses to access the talent they need.

This discussion will:

  • Identify & explore the approaches the UK and the US are currently undertaking to reform talent mobility and business immigration, and how US domestic developments in  regulations may impact UK-US mobility of talent and the wider trade and investment landscape.
  • Address how the UK and the US can leverage the current discussions on the future US-UK trade relationship to establish common sense pro-growth talent mobility policies.
  • Review reforms to the J-1 exchange visitor visa.
  • Explore what businesses can do to inform policy-makers of challenges to talent mobility and make new policies truly “open for business.”


For more information, contact Senior ManagerPolicy & ProgramsHolly Luu at 212.661.4062

Event Details


Thursday 6 February


10:00am – 12:00pm


Washington DC

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