Member companies can equip, empower and reward employees with benefits such as white papers and professional development resources, CPD accredited programs and access to exclusive member perks.

CPD Accreditation

BritishAmerican Business remains committed to providing substantive outcomes to our programs. We recognize the need for employers and institutions across industries to support employees in their professional development in order to retain the best talent and maintain a competitive advantage.

Accrual of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) hours is just one of the benefits afforded to partners of BAB. A number of BritishAmerican Business’ programs now come with CPD accreditation via the CPD Certification Service. This means your colleagues can allocate CPD hours through BAB event attendance to programs which bear the CPD logo. Benefits of CPD credits to your staff and your organization:

  • Regularly updated industry knowledge and skills for employees to remain effective within role.
  • Supporting more confident, competent working professionals.
  • Encouraging and promoting a learning culture for your organization.
  • Equipping staff to be a knowledge bank to key stakeholders of your organization.
  • Useful framework for supervision and appraisal meetings.
  • Increased brand perception.

Member Perks

Many of our members provide exclusive offers/discounts on their services/products to fellow members of BritishAmerican Business as Member Perks. Our Member Perks are reserved exclusively for members.

To view the details of our current Member Perk offers please follow the below instructions:

If you are a member in New York please contact Andrew Boyd who will be able to give you access to your perks.

If you are a member in London please login to the London Member Section using your unique username and password.

If you would like to promote any of your own services/products in this way to your fellow-members of BritishAmerican Business, please contact Marissah Burt in New York or Jon Kudlick in London.