Workforce Resilience: A Framework for the Future

Over the last few decades many executive teams have primarily concentrated their efforts on driving efficiencies, often through refining processes, re-designing structures and enhancing decision making. These are all, undoubtedly, useful mechanisms to building better businesses. However, given that the pace of change is ever increasing – the growing to-do lists, blurring of work and home life along with political and environmental ‘curveballs’ to contend with – organisations that will not just survive but truly thrive are those that shift towards proactively paying attention to the physiological and physical needs of their people. This will nurture a resilient workforce, enabling firms to adapt and respond more effectively to the challenges confronting them.

Many businesses and leaders are struggling to know how to respond to this new reality often deploying more tactical interventions to help mitigate the impact for individual and firm wide performance. Yet we won’t return to ‘steady state’; the chaos, crisis, complexity, confusion and constant change we are dealing with now are not going away. We are operating in a new context, rather than a new normal.

Organisations cannot affect what happens externally but they can take this opportunity to help alter how their staff react, through a long term, systemic commitment to resilience.

Q5 have developed an integrated framework with four factors to contribute towards creating a more resilient workforce.  In this roundtable they will discuss the impact of developing resilience on organisations and business outcomes. BAB members will be invited to share their experiences and ask questions on the practicalities of evolving their approach to resilience for themselves and within their teams.


Tuesday 16th March 2021


2:00 pm – 3:00 pm GMT
10:00 am – 11:00 am EST


Zoom – link will be sent to invited guests


Ged Brannan, 
Managing Director, Q5 Americas

Dr. Claire Hamlin 
Partner, Q5

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