Business Travel: Resetting Expectations for a New Normal

It’s been more than a year since many business travelers have passed through an airport or conducted a business trip, and enough has changed to surprise even the most experienced business traveler.

As business travel returns, there are added stress points from what the business traveler experienced pre-COVID. We will address some of those stress points and discuss how a traveler’s expectations can best be managed. What is being done differently now versus 2019 and is there anything new that travelers should expect in the upcoming months?

Please join us for a robust discussion on how the traveler’s journey may look going forward and how we can do our best to set realistic expectations as business travel returns.


Key Questions this Session will address: 

  • What is the most proficient way to maneuver through an airport and what efficiencies have the airports put in place?
  • Airport screening staff remain well below pre-crisis levels, especially in the United States. How are airport security teams handling this?
  • What steps have the airlines taken to help make the return of business travel less stressful? How are they addressing customer service issues while operating under normal staff levels?

Event Details


Wednesday, September 1st
Time 11:00 am – 12:00 pm EST

4:00 pm – 5:00 pm BST



Meet the Speakers

Paulo Alves

Dr. Paulo Alves, Global Medical Director Aviation Health, MedAire

Dr. Alves bio coming soon.


Marcel Fuchs, Managing Director, International Sales, United Airlines

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Mario Ramirez, Supervisory Officer, U.S. Customs and Border Protection

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Erika Weisbrod update

Erika Weisbrod, Security Director, Intelligence & Assistance – Europe, North, West and Central Africa, International SOS

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John Rose, Chief Risk Officer, ALTOUR (Moderator)

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