Exclusive Roundtable: Risky Business: Foresight & Flashpoints in Global Geopolitics

The beginning of 2019 has seen continued upheavals in the global political order, and many questions still remain. As the world becomes more interdependent, geopolitical changes challenge companies to quickly find solutions to mitigate business risks, and capitalize on opportunities to invest in expanding or opening markets. Making sense of the unpredictable and dealing with the business impact of geopolitics is what differentiates the companies that remain resilient and grow despite change.

BritishAmerican Business convenes experts from KPMG and the Eurasia Group for this intimate roundtable discussion featuring their insights on the global impact of major geopolitical shifts on business – from potential bulwarks to global trade, the reshaping of international trade relationships, ways to prepare for the political outcomes of Brexit, and the opportunities and challenges that come with a rising and strengthening China.


Alexander Kazan, Chief Strategy Officer, Eurasia Group

Tim Sarson, Partner, Value Chain Management, KPMG LLP

Andy Siciliano, US Practice Leader for Trade and Customs, KPMG LLP

For more information, contact Program Manager, Jamie Diamond, at 212.983.3729

Event Details:

Date: March 21 | 8:00 – 9:30 AM

Location: By invitation only

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