Roundtable Meeting with Manisha Singh, Assistant Secretary, State Department

This is the Assistant Secretary’s only non-governmental engagement on her trip to the UK, and she is keen to hear from BAB members on a number of areas relating to the transatlantic trade and investment environment.

  • Brexit Impact on UK-US Trade and Investment Environment
  • How/If Brexit has impacted the UK as an investment destination for US firms in the UK or UK firms in the US
  • Certainty given by 31 January exit date – updates from business on outstanding issues to be resolved/current level of concern about stability of UK as an investment environment
  • What the US Government needs to be aware of
  • Current issues in UK-US Trade and Investment Environment beyond Brexit
  • Impact of US-EU Tariffs, if relevant
  • Implementation of Digital Service Taxes, if relevant
  • Future UK-US Trade Agreement negotiation
  • Update from USG if possible
  • Input from attendees on areas they would like to see be part of the negotiation discussions
  • Feedback from attendees on what could be achieved within/outside of a trade agreement

This is a valuable opportunity for BAB members to brief a senior member of the US Government on the reality on the ground for your firm.

Event Details


Thursday 16 January


11:30am – 1:00pm


Linklaters LLP , One Silk Street,  London EC2Y 8HQ