Safeguarding Democracy, Local News and the Role of Business

Safeguarding democracy and the role of business: Local news plays a powerful role in society. It holds local politicians and decision makers to account, offers an invaluable local source of truth and it creates a sense of place, identity, shared interests and concerns for communities otherwise disparate.  

And yet local news is struggling everywhere you look at a time when it is needed most. business model based on advertising and circulation revenue has proved unsustainable in the digital age. 

BritishAmerican Business members will be joined by government decision makers, think tanks and policy makers in the first of two roundtables presented in partnership with Microsoft, to discuss the following themes: 

  • What role does local journalism play in a healthy society? 
  • What business models are most viable to support and maintain local journalism? 
  • How should digital platforms and local media work together? 
  • Does the broader business community have a responsibility to support local news? 


 Wednesday 28th April 2021


4:00 pm – 5:00 pm BST
11:00 am – 12:00 pm EDT


Microsoft Teams


Hugh Milward
General Manager, Corporate External and Legal Affairs, Microsoft UK

To learn more about Hugh, click here.

To learn more about Hugh, click here.

Jessica Cecil
Director, BBC Trusted News Initiative

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Michael Hartt
Partner and Head of International Affairs, FleishmanHillard

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