Roundtable: Digital Transformation as a Tool to Attract and Retain Talent

BritishAmerican Business is delighted to host a dinner in midtown NYC, with business leaders across industries, to discuss ways in which businesses can leverage their digital journey to attract and retain the best talent.  We are lucky to have joining us, Rasmus Wegener, Senior Partner and Digital Transformation Leader, Bain & Company, who will share his insights and help facilitate open, informal, and peer-driven conversation.

Attracting and retaining talent have become both a challenge and a risk for companies across geographies and industries. Recent studies suggest that the rate of your digital transformation plays a large role in winning the war on talent. Employees are looking for companies that adopt emerging technologies which make their jobs easier as well as opportunities to upskill and further develop their own digital skills.

Vodafone Business’ “Fit for the Future” report, in partnership with London School of Economics, found that companies that had a positive attitude to change, were open to new technologies, actively planned for their technological future and kept up with emerging trends were of a mindset that promoted innovation and resilience, the kind of corporate culture that the workforce of the future is looking for.

Event Details


Wednesday 22 June



6:00 – 8:00 pm EDT

Midtown, Manhattan


Meet the Speaker

Rasmus Wegener

Senior Partner

Bain & Company

To learn more about Rasmus, click here.