New York

09 10

British Biergarten Holiday Party



09 16

CEO Roundtable with Richard Solomons, Chief Executive Officer of Intercontinental Hotels



Sir Martin Sorrell

Sir Martin Sorrell
Chief Executive, WPP

The Company To Keep

Access – to the right connections, audiences, influence and intelligence – is key to business success. And high-quality access is at the heart of the business advantage we offer on both sides of the Atlantic.

We have grown to become the pre-eminent transatlantic business organization by providing our members with practical, measurable business expansion opportunities, through the delivery of high-caliber relationship-development and brand-building platforms as well as top-quality business intelligence and regulatory advice and influence.

Our membership includes the world’s leading multinational and middle market companies, and the leaders of more than 100 of these companies support us through their participation in our Advisory Board.

I encourage you to call our excellent professional staff to discuss how we might be able to help you, and to become part of ‘The Company to Keep.’

Chairman, BritishAmerican Business
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