Thousands of UK and US companies have made the transatlantic corridor part of their growth ambition. Every year, others are following their journey. For a growing number of companies, BAB serves as a first port of call to turn ambitions into reality.

Finding Your Way: The Trade & Investment Guide to the UK/U.S.

The ‘anchor’ for BAB’s trade and investment promotion portfolio are BAB’s ‘Trade and Investment Guides’. Branded as ‘Finding Your Way’, these publications, recognized as leading products in the markets, combine practical advice on a range of considerations businesses must make before expanding, alongside regional snapshots and key contacts. You can find the latest editions here:

Trade and Investment Promotion Events

Over the past few years, BAB successfully established specific event programs geared towards those who want to grow their business across the Atlantic and those who support these ambitions. These events, which can be found in BAB’s event programme, include BAB’s own ‘Accelerate’ Series, regular engagements with regional development agencies and commercial sections in governments, as well as an annual celebration of transatlantic investment made in BAB’s ‘Transatlantic Growth Awards’.

Trade Content

Here you can find BAB’s monthly ‘Trade Update’, which combines updates on recent BAB activities, upcoming events, initiatives and programs to be aware of:


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