BAB is network of over 400 companies active in the transatlantic corridor, ranging from household names, mid-sized firms, and those just getting started.

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BritishAmerican Business is a unique network of businesses keen to grow in and shape the transatlantic economic corridor. The BAB membership is comprised of over 400 businesses, including long established US and UK corporations in sectors such as technology, communications, energy, manufacturing, life sciences, entertainment, retail, healthcare, defense; leading service providers in banking, insurance, hospitality, distribution, recruitment, accounting, education, air travel, legal and public affairs; as well as smaller companies across all sectors keen to grow across the Atlantic.



  • Access to a network of over 400 transatlantic member companies that sit at the heart of a network of over 10,000 individuals in the wider transatlantic community
  • Access to events, meetings, initiatives and engagements, including exclusive events and programs, such as BAB Leadership Forum or BAB’s CEO Roundtable Series

Corporate Branding Opportunities

  • Opportunity to host/sponsor and engage in BAB programs, events and publications, offering targeted and/or wide-reaching exposure to our network
  • Opportunity to share through leadership, products and initiatives via BAB’s communication channels

Participation, Engagement, & Influence

  • Participation and input into BAB’s policy work, including position papers, White Papers, publications and in person-engagements
  • Participation and input into BAB’s trade and investment promotion portfolio, including to BAB’s ‘Accelerate’ program, inbound and outbound delegations and events

Information & Insights

  • Access to BAB’s internal policy and trade updates, publications, statements and reports
  • Access to information and insights on developments around key transatlantic issues


  • Targeted, mutual introductions to companies within our network
  • Targeted interactions with US/UK government officials, Parliaments and relevant stakeholders from business and academia within the transatlantic community
  • Priority access to BAB’s J-1 Exchange Visitor Program (NY)
  • Access to BAB Member perks

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Manager, Membership Services
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Tim Horan
Associate Director of Strategic Partnerships and Engagement