A Day in the Life of Valerie Lwin, BAB Event Intern

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Valerie Lwin, Events and Program Co-ordinator Intern in New York, joined BritishAmerican Business in September 2022 as part of a 12-month placement program from BAB Member, University of Bath. Valerie is a citizen of Myanmar and is currently studying BSc International Management at the University of Bath’s School of Management, one of the UK’s leading business schools. Valerie shares her experience in the role and on the transition from a daily routine in the UK (Bath) to her daily routine in fast-paced New York.

It’s 6.50 AM and the alarm goes off. I snooze for 20 more minutes – I think I’ve become accustomed to my routine, it takes me half as much time to get ready and out the door now. New York City subway can be crazy, I’ve never had to fight my way into anywhere before. People are holding the doors open with their bare hands because every minute matters in this fast-paced city. Public transport is not a thing for me in my country, I start to realise it is a blessing to have a driver take me around. But I like the fast-paced environment, it is stimulating and makes me feel alive. Some say New York can be overwhelming, but I quite love the thrill of it. Slow walkers have always been my pet peeve too. I try to go out every weekend because staying indoors makes me forget that I am actually in New York. There is so much to do and explore here, every borough has a different personality. I personally love going to Pebble Beach and just listening to the waves crash. I think that is a major reason why I love my job as a Program and Events Coordinator intern – I get to meet a lot of amazing people and hear their stories, embark on external outings, and witness the makings of an event from scratch. The role also requires good organizational skills and a detail-oriented approach, whilst being able to embrace last minute changes. It is not a typical job where you sit infront of your desk the whole day, and being here for a full 12 months is allowing me to learn, grow, and contribute more. When your job doesn’t feel like a job, that’s when you know you love it.

For me, the move to New York wasn’t scary – perhaps I had been used to living alone abroad, and I’m well supported by my university back in the UK, both with professional preparation and regular check-ins. I knew no one at first, but that also made me put myself out there more. I have now met incredible friends, all from different cultural backgrounds, I have been to my first concert, and I am no longer fazed by rats and bizarre characters in the subway station. With so many other states to check off my bucket list – Arizona’s beautiful canyons being one of them, I am hoping to obtain a driver’s license! In the city that never sleeps, I too am often awake reflecting on this surreal experience: when am I ever again going to be in my teens living my life independently in New York? It will most definitely be a story to tell.

For more information about the University of Bath’s placements programme, or if your business could use the talents of a University of Bath placement student, please visit https://www.bath.ac.uk/campaigns/school-of-management-placement-students-make-sense-for-your-business/ or contact sompartnerships@bath.ac.uk