Our members are a select group of international businesses ranging from small to large, startups to established institutions. We count on active participation of some of the world’s most prominent business leaders as our core supporters, thought-leaders and influencers.

We proudly participate as New York and London chapters in the British American Business Council, our own broader network of like-minded business associations present in the major cities across North America and the UK. We value our connections with the US Chamber of Commerce and the global AMCHAM network. ‎

Our Value

BritishAmerican Business (BAB) is an exclusive corporate network and the voice of transatlantic business, dedicated to advancing economic growth for companies with operations in the US and UK. BAB offers strategic insights, introductions and marketing opportunities that help members to generate trade and new business and to power new ideas.

What We Offer

What We Do – BritishAmerican Business delivers connections. We convene our members to share insights and intelligence, and with our networks we connect, support and strengthen the people and the business relationships that lie at the core of business success. We engage and communicate externally in support of our mission.

Networks – We work with our member companies to market their brands and services in the right networks‎ with the right audiences, convening them in the same room as their peers, clients and investors.

Communications – We seek out and broadcast unique content and ideas that are powerful enough to make a difference, in business and beyond.

Advocacy – We assert the need for a reliable, beneficial policy environment for transatlantic business. Our goal is to help shape rules and regulations that are well judged and effective, and to ensure that business can prosper and meet expectations, in the US, in the UK and the EU, and in global markets.

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Our Beliefs

We believe that no two nations share closer economic ties than those between the US and the UK, with those ties underpinned day in day out by British, American and transatlantic businesses creating jobs, growth and prosperity.

We believe that our members power a huge transatlantic economy which is a source of strength, security and sustainability in the global economy.

We believe in creativity, diversity, and abundance of opportunity. No two cities represent this more so than New York and London, two ‘signpost’ cities for the future where we are proud to be based.

We believe in sharing the knowledge, insight and perspectives of our members from around the world – from the SME “grassroots” to global multinationals.

We believe that business and growth create social good and we believe transatlantic businesses should proactively tell their stories. We are proud of what our members do and believe that a strong business community is the bedrock for a successful society.

We believe that international trade and investment creates prosperity, shares progress inside our nations and across our borders, and reduces poverty and adds to human well being.

Our History

The BritishAmerican Business organization was formed in the year 2000, through a merger that incorporated the American Chamber of Commerce (UK) and British-American Chamber of Commerce (US) into a single preeminent business organization, dedicated to serve its members on both sides of the Atlantic.

As a result, BritishAmerican Business is now recognized as a leading transatlantic business organization, dedicated to helping its member companies build business on both sides of the Atlantic through high-level connections, insights and shared purpose. We stand for the best of Transatlantic Business at work to deliver superior performance and returns in global markets.