For businesses looking to grow and operate across the US, UK, and globally, placing a focus on organizational purpose and sustainability is no longer an option, but rather a gauge of success (or failure). Market forces, such as climate change and consumer pressure on companies of all sizes to take a stand and make positive social impact, have indelibly changed the landscape of private equity investment and portfolio management of growth companies.

BAB brings together private equity investment leaders from Astorg, Frazier Health and The Riverside Company, to share how they’re adapting their approach to help their portfolios of B2B and B2C growth companies expand in a drastically changed environment going forward.

BAB Accelerate is a targeted business networking community offering insights and connections for middle market companies, growth businesses and startups looking to establish a transatlantic footprint. Attendees can expect a comfortable, collaborative, and casual networking environment as they learn how to thrive in the transatlantic business community and beyond. For more info, see BAB Accelerate.


Thursday, April 29


11:00 am – 12:00 pm EST

4:00 pm – 5:00 pm BST



Chris Cozzone, Director, Astrog

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Grant Marcks, Principal, The Riverside Company

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Brett Moraski, Executive in Residence, Frazier Healthcare

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MaryLee Sachs, US CEO, Brandpie Inc

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