BAB London Executive Director Emanuel Adam Speaks to Grade 11 & 12 Students at The American School in England on ‘The Future of Work’

On Friday 31 August, BAB London Executive Director Emanuel Adam visited The American School in England (TASIS England) to deliver keynote remarks on the Future of Work to students and members of the faculty.

Emanuel’s presentation looked at how and why our workplaces and workforces are seeing such rapid, and sometimes radical change as the nature and indeed definition of ‘work’ and ‘workspaces’ evolve with the changing demands of consumers and employees.

The visit provided not only a learning experience for the Grade 11 & 12 students at TASIS England on how their future workplace may look, but for the BAB team as well, who had a chance to visit the fantastic campus and speak with the students and faculty on how it feels to be an international student in Britain, and what the ‘special relationship’ means to them.

We would like to thank TASIS England for hosting Emanuel, and look forward to the next opportunity we have to engage with their brilliant students.

To find out more about TASIS England, please click here.