BritishAmerican Business Joins Leading Business Groups to Support WTO E-Commerce Initiative

07 October 2019

Contact: Dominic Parker, Communications Manager | 020 7290 9882 | +44 7500 115 352

BritishAmerican Business has joined 26 business groups, including the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Global Innovation Forum, techUK and Information Technology Industry Council in support of efforts to secure a World Trade Organization (WTO) Agreement on E-Commerce that is “inclusive, high-standard, and commercially meaningful.”

The position paper, released today, includes 13 recommendations for what should be included in any agreement concerning E-Commerce agreed upon by the WTO:

1.Prohibit internet tariffs and customs formalities on electronic transmissions;
2. Facilitate the flow of data across borders;
3. Prohibit requirements to localize the storage and processing of data;
4. Ensure the protection of personal data;
5. Prohibit requirements to disclose source code, algorithms, or encryption keys;
6. Promote government cooperation and regulatory best practices for cybersecurity;
7. Promote state-of-the-art good regulatory practices in the regulation of digital services;
8. Pursue “TFA-plus” provisions that facilitate e-commerce, including through increasing de minimis levels and simplifying customs clearance for low-value shipments;
9. Promote acceptance of electronic contracts, signatures and authentication;
10. Ensure the adoption of non-IP intermediary liability protections;
11. Expand market access for services;
12. Expand market access for ICT goods through accession to the WTO Information Technology Agreement; and,
13. Facilitate access to and use of government data. In an effort to provide substantive support to the continuation

You can read the position paper in full here.


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