On the 23rd of June 2016, the UK voted to leave the European Union (EU). The withdrawal from the EU, which the UK had helped to shape for more than 40 years, has undoubtedly created and continues to create substantial challenges for businesses operating across the Atlantic, many of whom use the UK as a ‘gateway’ to the EU and provide substantial jobs and growth for the UK.

BritishAmerican Business advocates for an outcome from the Brexit negotiations that creates the least barriers and as much access for businesses operating across the EU, particularly for those companies who have integrated supply and distribution chains across borders.

As the UK and EU re-define their relationship, we see the UK-US economic relationship as an anchor of stability and opportunity. We are working closely with the UK government to help build a fair, competitive and global Britain that works in partnership with the EU and other countries in the world.

Here you will find all of our Brexit-related work, initiatives and events as well as daily news updates from around the web to keep you informed. Check in daily for news updates.

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