BritishAmerican Business (BAB) Launches Policy Agenda for 2019/20 – ‘Time To Act’

4 May 2019

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Download ‘Time To Act: The BritishAmerican Business Policy Agenda 2019/20

London/New York – Today BritishAmerican Business launches its Policy Agenda for 2019/20.

The Policy Agenda is BAB’s annual flagship policy publication, outlining key issues of relevance to the transatlantic business community for the year to come, such as infrastructure investment, the future of the UK-EU relationship, and ensuring workers are trained in line with our changing societal needs.

This years’ BAB Policy Agenda outlines three overarching fields with nine specific areas where action from government and regulators can propel both the UK and US economies towards a stronger, closer and more prosperous future.

Duncan Edwards, CEO, BritishAmerican Business said:

“As the US President meets leaders in UK Government and transatlantic businesses today, there could not have been a better time to launch this agenda.

 The US and the UK economies each show tremendous strength and resilience, but political gridlock and polarization on both sides of the Atlantic are holding us back on key policy issues. ‘Time To Act’ serves as a call to action for governments and businesses to overcome these political quagmires and instead focus on progress.

 This publication presents our vision for the future of the special relationship. We look now to government to embrace these recommendations and take forward our mission towards a mutually prosperous relationship; one which works for our economies, our businesses and our workers.”

 Emanuel Adam, Director of Policy & Trade, BritishAmerican Business said:

“Whether it is concerns about lack of infrastructure investment, the need to re-think global trade, or the importance of a diverse and inclusive business environment; ‘Time To Act’ reflects the issues transatlantic businesses are turning their attention to, what they are concerned about, and most importantly, where they see opportunities and scope for progress.

 ‘Time to Act’ will serve as a key point of reference when setting out our programme and engagements on both sides of the Atlantic in 2019/20. We look forward to working on the agenda the document sets with our members and stakeholders in the year to come.”

About BritishAmerican Business

BritishAmerican Business (BAB) is an exclusive members’ organization; we create networking opportunities for our members, which often lead to business opportunities, through the events and programming that we run. As a policy and advocacy organization we are the voice of transatlantic business; we support policies and action that will protect and enhance the environment for trade and investment between the US and UK.

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