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Published: 26 April 2023

BritishAmerican Business Launches New Trade & Investment Guide to the UK for US Companies

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Contact: Dominic Parker, Senior Communications and Media Manager | 020 7290 9882 | +44 7500 115352

BritishAmerican Business (BAB) is pleased to announce the launch of Finding Your Way, the most comprehensive guidebook for US companies seeking to expand their business into the UK.

The Trade & Investment Guide is a crucial resource for US companies looking to explore the exciting opportunities the UK has to offer. It provides practical advice on all the issues that companies must consider when expanding, from logistics and legal services to finance and immigration.

It offers insights on the diverse nations and regions across the UK and outlines the unique sector-based opportunities in every corner of the country.

Finding Your Way provides essential information on the services that both the UK and US governments, as well as leading associations and networks offer to help US companies be successful. It also includes details and practical advice from leading private sector firms whose services can help companies with their expansion endeavours.

BritishAmerican Business CEO Duncan Edwards said:

“As the largest transatlantic trade organisation, we are pleased to offer the most comprehensive guide to doing business in the UK.

“There is no end of opportunities available but knowing how to navigate the market is vital. Our Trade and Investment Guide to the UK ensures US companies have access to up-to-date support, advice, connections and insights – saving valuable time and money and helping companies grow their business from day one.”

UK Business and Trade Minister Lord Johnson of Lainston said:

“The US invests in the UK more than any other country, with nearly 25 pence in every pound of UK inward investment coming from America.

“I strongly believe that this year’s edition of BAB’s Trade and Investment Guide gives a powerful account of the UK’s investment offer. With our extensive network of trade experts, located in nine cities across the US, we are on hand to help you take your next investment step.”

BritishAmerican Business Chief Policy and Trade Officer Emanuel Adam said:

“This Trade and Investment Guide is not only one of the most comprehensive tools in the market designed to help companies prepare their expansion journey; it is also a reflection of  what the US-UK corridor has to offer, its people, and its successes.

“We are grateful to our business and government stakeholders who have partnered with us and who continue to help great companies find their way across the Atlantic.”

Finding Your Way – The Trade & Investment Guide to the UK is supported and endorsed by the US and UK Governments, private sector partners as well as an extensive network of regional partners and associations.

London & Partners Director of North America Stephen Feline said:

“London & Partners is delighted to contribute to the Trade & Investment Guide to the UK, which is a great resource for companies from across the US and Canada who are considering establishing a presence in the UK.  In Feb 2023, London retained its crown as Europe’s most appealing city for inward investment according to FDI Intelligence and, whether you are in financial services, tech, creative industries, sustainability or life sciences, London remains the pre-eminent city in which to launch and scale your business.  We are close partners with BritishAmerican Business and the Department for Business and Trade (DBT) and collaborate closely with them to showcase the opportunity in the UK.”

UKI President at Slalom, Dave Williams said:

“Since our arrival in the UK in 2014 we have grown our transatlantic operations significantly, welcoming our 500th UK hire just last year. Aided by the strong partnerships we have built across the Atlantic, our transition to this new market was eased considerably, and has enabled us to provide in-country support for customers based in the UK. We are proud to be featured as a case study in this year’s Trade and Investment Guide to the UK and hope that it serves as a source of inspiration for any US business looking across the Atlantic to grow internationally.”

Beacon Interactive Systems CEO, ML Mackey said:

“We are delighted to be featured as a case study in this year’s Trade and Investment Guide to the UK. Beacon’s software provides digital transformation for edge operations here in the US for defense customers. We are looking forward to supporting our allies across the Atlantic with these capabilities, enhancing interoperability, and making a positive and lasting impact on the joint global force.”

EOM Offshore General Manager, Sales & Marketing, Richard Buck said:

“Along with our (UK) partner Planet Ocean, EOM Offshore is thrilled to be a part of the Trade and Investment Guide to the UK.  Together, we continue to forge strong relations within our respective organisations and continue to grow business relationships and opportunities within the US and UK.”

About BritishAmerican Business

BritishAmerican Business is the leading transatlantic trade association incorporating the British-American Chamber of Commerce in the US and the American Chamber of Commerce in the UK.

We are committed to strengthening the economic corridor between the United States and the United Kingdom by supporting policies and actions that protect and enhance the environment for transatlantic trade and investment on behalf of our members.

We convene and serve a growing network of companies and business leaders through networking opportunities, bespoke programming and marketing platforms.

We actively promote trade and investment and support those who make the transatlantic corridor part of their business growth ambition.