BritishAmerican Business Publishes 2021/22 Policy Agenda – Defining The Pillars Of A New Transatlantic Future

20 October 2021
Contact: Dominic Parker, Senior Communications Manager | 020 7290 9882 | +44 7500 115352

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LONDON/NEW YORK – Today, BritishAmerican Business launches its Policy Agenda for 2021/22, its annual flagship policy publication which outlines the key areas of importance for the transatlantic business community.

In this year’s edition, we outline six transatlantic policy areas where we believe progress can and should be made by the US and UK governments in the months to come to strengthen the transatlantic corridor:

  • Defining a new US-UK economic agenda based on a commitment to free trade
  • A focus on supporting small and medium-sized enterprises
  • A new transatlantic framework for data transfers that works for business
  • A strong and predictable economic relationship between the United Kingdom and European Union
  • Reaffirming the physical connection by safely reopening the US-UK corridor and further facilitating business travel
  • Investing in the skills that both economies need to meet the demands of the 21st century

The selected areas reflect the priorities of BAB’s Policy Group and were agreed upon at the bi-annual meeting of the BAB Policy Steering Committee – a group of 20 leading British and American companies, representing and speaking for our wider network active in the transatlantic corridor.

Duncan Edwards, Chief Executive Officer, BritishAmerican Business said:

“The priorities of the British-American business community detailed in this publication highlight the role of free trade and transatlantic cooperation as a pillar to our recovery efforts and reflect the need for stability and predictability, which are crucial in fostering innovation and growth.”

Denise Peet, Head of Government Affairs UK, Caterpillar, and co-Chair of the BritishAmerican Business Policy Steering Committee said:

 “This year’s Policy Agenda embraces and addresses the new challenges faced by the transatlantic relationship, in the context of a new US Administration, the UK re-defining its position on the world stage outside of the European Union, and both economies beginning their recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Wilson Del Socorro, Global Director of Government Affairs, Diageo, and co-Chair of the BritishAmerican Business Policy Steering Committee said:

 “BAB’s 2021/22 Policy Agenda recognizes BAB’s position and growing influence as the leading transatlantic trade association, continuing to advocate for policies that protect and enhance transatlantic trade and investment both for its members, and all those for whom the UK-US  relationship is a key element of their lives and business.”