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Published: 12 September 2023

BritishAmerican Business Publishes its Policy Agenda for a Dynamic US-UK Economic Partnership

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Today, BritishAmerican Business (BAB) has published its Policy Agenda for the year ahead, ‘Recommendations for a 21st Century US-UK Economic Partnership.’ The Policy Agenda sets out the top issues that will help deepen economic integration between both countries and closely reflects the ambitions and commitments set out in the Atlantic Declaration.

The Policy Agenda includes six main themes each with its own set of recommendations for policymakers. These include: Digital Transformation, Aerospace & Defense, Clean & Sustainable Energy, Digital Skills, Competition & Regulation and Trade & Investment.

The workstreams that will flow from these priority areas in the months ahead will allow BAB to focus on the biggest issues affecting transatlantic businesses whilst also tracking and assessing the pledges made by both governments in the Atlantic Declaration.

BAB Board Chair Gavin Patterson said:

“I am delighted to support BAB’s latest Policy Agenda and I’m particularly pleased it has a strong focus on the crucial issue of the digital skills deficit. A skilled workforce powers innovation and is the currency of the future. We must bridge the digital skills gap so that our economies remain at the forefront of the digital revolution. As the Atlantic Declaration sets out, the US and UK Governments are intent on taking a leading role in the advancement of AI and emerging technologies. This will only be possible if our economies invest in human capital and produce the right talent with the right skills.”

BAB CEO Duncan Edwards said:

“In recent months, US President Biden and UK Prime Minister Sunak have worked together to rebuild transatlantic alignment on many important issues, resulting in the Atlantic Declaration. Our Policy Agenda demonstrates our commitment to being partners for both the UK and US Governments in implementing the Declaration’s ambitious goals. We invite policy makers and stakeholders to engage with this document as it identifies our shared priorities and offers recommendations to drive economic growth and foster transatlantic collaboration. Our Policy Agenda also serves as a way to monitor the commitments made by

the US and UK Governments, promoting accountability in the process.”

BAB Chief Trade and Policy Officer Emanuel Adam said:

“As we unveil our Policy Agenda for the year ahead, work has already started to implement the main transatlantic business priorities, as highlighted by our members. Whether it be our work on transatlantic energy collaboration, sustainable health, regulation of AI, or our call on governments to conclude the US-UK dataflow agreement – our Policy Agenda is a roadmap for action. Using our knowledge, network, and unique perspective as a transatlantic trade and business platform, we look forward to working with policy makers to inform and shape policy issues crucial to our members.”

About BritishAmerican Business

BritishAmerican Business is the leading transatlantic trade association incorporating the British-American Chamber of Commerce in the US and the American Chamber of Commerce in the UK.

We are committed to strengthening the economic corridor between the United States and the United Kingdom by supporting policies and actions that protect and enhance the environment for transatlantic trade and investment on behalf of our members.

We convene and serve a growing network of companies and business leaders through networking opportunities, bespoke programming, and marketing platforms.

We actively promote trade and investment and support those who make the transatlantic corridor part of their business growth ambition.