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Published: 31 October 2023

BritishAmerican Business Welcomes Transatlantic Collaboration on AI

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BritishAmerican Business has today released a report setting out its transatlantic recommendations to policy makers ahead of this week’s AI Safety Summit.

Hosted by the UK Government on November 1st & 2nd 2023, the AI Safety Summit marks a significant milestone in the ongoing discussions surrounding the development of AI and its implications for business and government.

The UK and the US have emerged as world leaders in AI. Both countries have a history of scientific and technological innovation, world class academic and research institutions and are home to the most renowned tech companies.

The Atlantic Declaration signed by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and President Biden in June committed both countries to cooperate further on AI with a focus on ensuring the safe and responsible development of the technology.

BAB’s AI report builds on its 2023/24 Policy Agenda and seeks to establish how the discussions held at the AI Safety Summit will help advance the global discourse.

In its report, BAB sets out the actions that both countries have taken to help the advancement of AI. It also makes the case for the Summit to be ambitious in its ability to inform and complement relevant discussions on AI use, risk and regulation at both national and international level.

BritishAmerican Business CEO Duncan Edwards said:

“With the UK and the US at the forefront of shaping the AI landscape, BAB welcomes the UK’s commitment to global leadership on AI safety at this week’s Summit.

“The transatlantic corridor is home to more AI companies than anywhere else in the world, and the UK and US governments are committed to addressing the risks and opportunities presented by this transformative technology.

“The undeniable appeal of AI as a force for good needs to be balanced with safety, risk and regulatory considerations. The UK and the US, working together, can play a major role in charting the way for the responsible growth of AI across the globe.”

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