Meet the Speaker:

Britney Noelle Torres

Shareholder, Littler

Britney Torres is an innovation- and equity-focused advisor and litigator assisting employers in sustainably transforming the workplace. As both an advisor and litigator, Britney prioritizes a business-minded approach reflective of individual client priorities and risk tolerances.

In advising clients, Britney recognizes that the recent and ongoing transformation of the workplace impacts all aspects of business and highlights the opportunity to address these changes sustainably. Because strategic navigation of these issues often intersects with transparency, Britney brings a deep understanding of environmental, social and governance considerations for both publicly traded and private companies to her analysis and recommendations. From legislative and regulatory requirements to talent acquisition, ESG can be a powerful tool for companies to attract new people and investments and ultimately increase long-term value.

Britney also advises clients on diversity, equity, and inclusion considerations – from preliminary consultation and assessment to the development of targeted, long-term initiatives with ongoing monitoring and data-based analysis. This advice combines her cultural background, a deep understanding of employees and workforces, and extensive knowledge of relevant legal limitations, including anti-discrimination and privacy laws, in order to minimize the risk of legal challenges and increase impact.

As a litigator, Britney has effectively resolved matters arising under both federal and state law. This experience includes multiple defense verdicts after trial, termination of cases at summary judgment and the pleading stage, and strategic settlements. Her litigation experience also informs her approach to advice and enables her to quickly and effectively identify key issues, associated risk, and potential exposure.

In all aspects of her practice, Britney uses a combination of deep subject matter knowledge and business acumen to develop creative and cost-effective strategies for clients. She is an adept strategist tailoring advice to the nuances of particular matters and the priorities of each client.

Britney is currently a member of the firm’s Innovation Advisory Council, which is tasked with reengineering the traditional practice of law to bring clients cost-effective and forward-thinking solutions that employ leading-edge technology, project management skills, and alternative pricing strategies. She also served on the firm’s Diversity and Inclusion Council and continues to be involved in internal diversity and inclusion initiatives.

While in law school, Britney was a member of the Review of Law and Social Justice and vice president of the Latino Law Student Association. She also externed for the Hon. S. James Otero, U.S. District Court Judge for the Central District of California, interned with the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Los Angeles, and studied abroad at Bond University in Robina, Australia. During her undergraduate studies, Britney studied abroad at the Universidad Católica de la Argentina in Buenos Aires, Argentina.