Capita Scaling Partner continues its investment in EdTech

 An Article by Matt Bunn, co-founder of Capita Scaling Partner

Capita Scaling Partner is part of the Capita Group and an active BritishAmerican Business member. We work with a wide range of interesting early-stage technology startups which gives us interesting insight into innovation trends in the UK. One sector that we work with in particular, and recognise as crucial moving into 2022, is educational technology.

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a telling impact on a host of industries, but the effect on the education sector is expected to last for many years to come.

There have been two main impacts from the pandemic: the increasing level of digitally delivered content, and the increasing need for reskilling across industries as jobs, people and organisations have needed to adapt quickly.

These aren’t necessarily negative – if anything, the pandemic will act as a catalyst for digital transformation – but businesses in Britain and America need to adapt to these changes quickly, and therefore need to offer quality, adaptable and affordable education at scale.

In this article, we’ll discuss two of our key partner learning tech companies that deliver on these requirements, aiding digital growth in the education sector.


Filtered: Content intelligence technology

Firstly, we’ve partnered with Content Intelligence provider, Filtered. Filtered is an exceptional startup with distinct propositions that will really help the education sector grapple with the changes spurred on by the pandemic.

Companies often possess so much learning content that it’s difficult for learners to decide what will best help them to improve.

This means that, for learning professionals, it can be hard to know what learning content is proving to be useful, what staff are using and getting value from, and where there is overlap from different sources of learning content. This issue can cost organisations millions of pounds each year in wasted investment.

What Filtered’s “content intelligence” does is take the vast amount of training content available and simply filter it using human expertise and computer algorithms. This gets exactly the right content in front of exactly the right person, saving inordinate amounts of money and reskilling employees effectively for the future. In light of the pandemic’s impact, saving money and reskilling quickly are two of the most important requirements moving forwards.


OBRIZUM: Using AI to take Cambridge-level education to the global workplace

The second EdTech to join our portfolio, OBRIZUM, is focused on revolutionising the way corporate training is produced, consumed and monitored. By using the powers of artificial intelligence (AI), their enterprise learning platform transforms learning and development in the corporate world to model the high-quality, one-on-one education provided by the likes of Cambridge University.

Since the pandemic has increased the need for digitally delivered content, what has been absolutely crucial in L&D is ensuring the learning experience is not hindered as a result. Unfortunately, digital learning is vastly different to classroom learning currently. Instead of telling you to read through pages of content, teachers tailor their service to each learner based on their competency level and degree of knowledge.

This is where OBRIZUM’s service becomes so valuable. It’s adaptive learning platform starts by analysing what you know and what you don’t know before changing its learning provisions to suit your specific needs, reducing the time it takes to learn a skill by 50%.

If digital learning is going to be the future, this is a much more effective way of delivering learning remotely.



Our new partners’ solutions clearly have the power to revolutionise how employees engage with content and provide data-driven strategies back to employers to get a quantifiable understanding of how L&D is delivering on its goals (something lacking up until now).

While the pandemic has certainly thrown some challenges in L&D’s direction, by using incredible new technologies like those offered by Filtered and OBRIZUM, we expect to see L&D not only overcome them, but benefit from the challenges they have faced in the past 18 months.