Corporate Philanthropy from the US & UK

A survey by Charities Aid Foundation America in partnership with BritishAmerican Business

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Charities Aid Foundation America, representing CAF International, has partnered with BritishAmerican Business (BAB) to publish a report to celebrate the generous donations companies in the United States and the United Kingdom make to charities in those companies while inspiring more corporations in both countries to participate in cross-border giving.

Cross-Border Philanthropy is an Opportunity to Grow your Impact

Philanthropy is a cornerstone of corporate social responsibility, corporate citizenship, community impact, and ESG programs across the US and UK corporate sectors. Corporate giving, while important for charity sectors in many countries, can have an outsized impact when a company is able to deploy its philanthropic capital in other countries. CAF’s donor clients and BAB’s membership represent some of the most generous companies and individuals in the world, and we look forward to telling some of your stories through this report, powered by your insights and inputs.

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