Data Modernisation: SAP with Azure - The Art of the Possible

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Moving SAP to the cloud isn’t new. But doing it in 4 weeks – that’s a different proposition altogether.

Faster, better connected and more accessible SAP data doesn’t have to take months to achieve. Kagool’s unique strategy gives customers value from their IT investments within a much faster timeframe, and with lower risks.

With SAP data accessible in Azure, the possibilities for data transformation are endless: from Power BI analytics to App modernisation, our customers are constantly finding new ways to gain business value from the data they already own.


  • How to build and utilise an Azure Intelligent Modern Data Platform within weeks
  • The art of the possible – what you can achieve with Azure, from better analytics to app modernisation to Industry 4.0 innovations
  • Real life examples of use cases that some of our clients have benefitted from

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Date & Time

15 May 2023, 1:00 PM – 2:15 PM BST

About Kagool

Kagool is a leading global data & analytics and ERP specialist, offering consultancy and best of breed integration solutions. We are a global Systems Integrator specializing in helping SAP enterprise customers maximize the value of Azure Intelligent Modern Data Platform (iMDP) as part of a Hybrid technology landscape. We build solid foundational platforms for accurate, reliable data across our clients’ organisations. The aim is to help organisations become more adaptable, agile, and resilient for an unpredictable future.

We help from the early foundation stages of iMDP adoption, Business Case development, strategy, POVs, through to the scale out and industrialization, delivered incrementally as a low-risk approach providing tangible business value quickly.

We support customers from PBI Analytics, Data Engineering, Power Platform, Apps Modernization, Enterprise Integrations, IIOT, AI/ML, DevOps/MLOps and more.

We provide the full end to end Professional Services delivery, Managed Services and even offer accelerator productions/solutions to help customers achieve business value from their iMDP faster.  

We also specialise in smart factory solutions through our range IIoT service offerings including Solutions to monitor your operations and performance in real time with quick actionable intelligence, predictive maintenance, simulations, and immersive trainings of operators with AR/VR, Remote maintenance assistance.