Davos Debrief: Prioritize Action and Thrive in Disruption

Thursday, March 7th

Please join BAB for a roundtable lunch, featuring AlixPartners CEO Simon Freakley. Simon will offer insights from his recent experience at Davos and share key findings from the 2024 AlixPartners Disruption Index. The discussion will center around main themes addressed at Davos, including the pressures arising from geopolitical tensions such as the US-China relationship, escalating conflicts, and the US presidential race. Simon will delve into why the index emphasizes the importance of action for success and discuss how companies can leverage disruption as an economic driver and embrace emerging technologies like AI to create opportunities for growthWe will also bring in other contributors to explore how leaders can effectively navigate disruption for growth. 



Date: Thursday, March 7th
Time: 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm ET
Location: Midtown, New York

 AlixPartners’ 2024 Disruption Index report, based on a survey of over 3000 global senior executives, reveals a notable decline in disruption for the second consecutive year and shows business leaders worldwide are showcasing improved abilities to navigate uncertainty and volatility whilst grappling with ongoing, longer-term and fundamental disruptions – like climate change, geopolitical tensions and conflicts, demographic shifts, and accelerating technological advancement. 

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Simon Freakley



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