Fire on the Hill puts mis- and disinformation on the corporate agenda in Washington DC

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How alert is your organisation to the threat of mis- and disinformation? What are the risks, sources and defences against this rising challenge?

Where might threats from mis- and disinformation originate? While we might anticipate campaigns from unhappy customers, competitors and employees, are we prepared for co-ordinated action by social activists and even foreign states?

There can be no doubt this is an area of growing importance for many corporate leaders and BritishAmerican Business Member Fire on the Hill has been delving into the issue with research partner, Mercury Analytics.

They found that more than half of companies have been negatively impacted by mis- and disinformation – with one in ten branding the damage “substantial”.

Recently hosting a panel event in Washington, DC, they took the chance to set the scene and unpick the challenge, discussing how the landscape is evolving. Post-event, there is a focus on how approaches to corporate reputation need to change.

Fire on the Hill argues we need to encourage and strengthen our social and political discourse, build greater trust in our companies, and encourage greater access to reliable information. Only by doing so can we protect the freedom of ideas, removed from interference either accidental or intentional.

Find out more about the event and the growing importance of tackling mis- and disinformation, here: