Meet the Speaker: Hiren Shukla, Global and Americas Neuro-Diverse Center of Excellence Leader, EY

Hiren’s experience spans more than 20 years across the fields of accounting, strategy, automation, innovation and information technology. He currently leads the internal automation and innovation at Ernst & Young LLP (EY US) and is the founder of Neuro-Diverse Centers of Excellence at EY US. Hiren helps unlock human potential to drive innovation across emerging technology, blockchain, AI, cybersecurity and analytics.


Hiren has helped to lead the EY Global intelligent automation hub, Automation Central, which has built more than 2,000 digital assets for the global organization, helping drive innovation across emerging technology and building the foundation for harnessing data for machine learning and predictive analytics.


Hiren is the founder of Neuro-Diverse Centers of Excellence (NCoE), and the strategic link responsible for converting the neurodiversity inclusiveness effort into commercial application for exceptional client service and tangible ROI. His efforts allow EY to bring this innovation model to its largest clients, and to rapidly open additional Neuro-Diverse Centers of Excellence across their global footprint.


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