Much Ado About Greenhushing:

How data-backed thought leadership can help you communicate your sustainability story.
11 October, 12 - 1pm BST

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A fear of greenwashing is paralysing organisations into staying silent on their sustainability credentials. This phenomenon, known as greenhushing, means marketing teams are failing to communicate what they are doing to help the transition leading to a lack of knowledge sharing between and within sectors – threatening the drive to a global net zero.

Much Ado About Greenhushing is a webinar to help communicators navigate the thin green line of the sustainable communications landscape and articulate their organisation’s authentic perspective on the sustainable transition with data-backed thought leadership.

This hour-long webinar will feature bitesize insight from the team at Man Bites Dog and experts from our network:

Duncan Sparke, Divisional Director at Man Bites Dog

Duncan has spent the last decade working in sustainability communications for a wide variety of clients from international banks and the big four management consultancies to the cleantech industry. He will be exploring greenhushing and the dangers of being cowed into inaction for fear of making the wrong decision.

Miles Lockwood, Director of Complaints and Investigations at the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA)

Miles leads the ASA’s work on climate change and the environment. Miles will provide an overview of how the ASA operates and how it carries out its role in ensuring ‘green’ claims meet the various codes and legal requirements. Using current examples of organisations whose green claims have been censured he will illustrate what this means in practice and provide hints and tips about how to work within the green claims code.

Sean Farrance-White, Associate Director at Man Bites Dog

Sean will draw on experience working with some of the world’s largest finance, engineering, and construction companies, in helping them articulate their sustainable positioning and deliver award-winning strategic marketing campaigns. He will discuss the role of data-backed thought leadership campaigns in making a meaningful contribution to the global sustainability conversation, and how this can help organisations avoid the risk of greenhushing.

John Batten, Global Cities Director, Arcadis

John is a globally recognised thought leader and – as well as leading the Sustainable Cities Index– he has more than three decades of experience in urban sustainability, management, and transport infrastructure. At Arcadis, John leads a global team of City Executives who are dedicated to delivering smart and sustainable urban outcomes, improving quality of life. He will provide an overview of how the Sustainable Cities Index pushed the sustainability agenda forward, and why it was so successful for Arcadis.

A short Q&A session will be held at the end.